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Version vom 25. Februar 2018, 12:10 Uhr von (Diskussion) (A financial adviser or advisor is a professional who provides financial guidance to clients based on their needs and goals Norine Correa has worked in the financial services industry since 2004 and began her career with Navy Federal in 2012 After obtai…)

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The USAA® Personal Financial Plan is intended for discussion and initial financial planning purposes only and is not intended to, and does not constitute legal, tax, or investment advice. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information about your financial situation. Because the analysis results contained in this presentation are primarily based on the information you supply to us, the accuracy and usefulness of the analysis results will greatly depend on the accuracy and completeness of your provided information.
As an Edward Jones client, you'll work with a dedicated risiko investment who spends time listening to you, explaining recommendations, answering questions and helping you plot the right course. We know financial decisions can be complicated, but they're important. Northern Financial Advisors, Inc., a Michigan corporation, is registered with the State of Michigan as an Investment Advisor. As life evolves, continue to engage with your plan in real time by modeling potential factors and immediately see the impact to your plan. Nancy's career in finance http://www.risikoinvestment.com/ began in 1994 and she joined Navy Federal Financial Group in 2008. Her investment philosophy is to understand where her clients are and where they want to go. She reviews investment options, strategies and risks, and offers them various options for reaching their financial goals.
's why we believe every question deserves a thoughtful answer. In the financial services industry since 1998, Dan has been with Navy Federal Financial Group since 2000. Dan has helped thousands of Navy Federal Credit Union members develop their investment plans.

At the heart of any working relationship with a financial planner is trust. Trust is built on two factors: the planner acting in your best interests, and full disclosure of the planner's background, business practices and other issues. Independent financial advisers (IFAs) may work for an organisation or may be self-employed, providing advice on products across the market.
Personal financial advisors help people with investments, taxes, and insurance decisions. • Direct the investment sales for an assigned group of banking office Personal Bankers through training, goal setting, marketing plans and daily support. Most personal financial advisors work full time, and about 3 in 10 worked more than 40 hours per week in 2016. They often go to meetings on evenings and weekends to meet with prospective or existing clients. assess the financial needs of individuals and help them with investments (such as stocks and bonds), tax laws, and insurance decisions. They help clients plan for short-term and long-term goals, such as education expenses and retirement. They recommend investments to match the clients' goals. They invest clients' money based on the clients' decisions. Personal financial advisors help people with investments, taxes, and insurance decisions. Financial advisors typically work in offices, and approximately one-fourth of financial advisors are self-employed. Many also travel to attend conferences or teach finance classes in the evening to bring in more clients. Most advisors work full time, and 24% work more than 50 hours per week. They often go to meetings in the evenings and on weekends to meet with existing clients or to try to bring in new ones. provide tax advice or sell insurance.