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Great digital programmable thermostat which is basic, straightforward to established, and effortless to use. Installs simple, just make certain that you adhere to the instructions alternatively of just guessing the place items go. In certain, if you might be moving from an outdated mercury dependent thermostat you will most probably have a blue wire that you Need to NOT Join (verify that even though). Connecting it could direct to you frying your unit. Also, be aware that this thermostat has a operate which stops quick on and off switching of your A/C and Heat. Nearly this means that right away after you set up the theromstat, your heating or A/C could not switch on for at the very least 5 min. This site doesn't suggest that you set up it mistaken so give it some time if this happens.

This thermostat is excellent quite straightforward to plan and you can pick the "swing" temp as nicely. Right here in AZ in the summer season my previous thermostat would switch the AC on for 5 minutes, off for 5, on for five, off for five. On this thermostat with the swing modified to 2 degrees (as an alternative of the 1 degree unchangeable default on my outdated device) the AC only cycles 3 moments an hour. Now that does indicate it will get a bit hotter before it kicks on but not sufficient for me to be concerned about. It is nicely value it for cheaper electric and less startup use and tear on my program.