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13. In the early 1900's, Grand Canyon visitors would stay and average of two to three weeks. Nebraska pool deck drain -forward to today and that visit is down to between two to three hours.


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To my delight, CAM met and exceeded hopes. The building itself is a work of art and its Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc. seems somewhat out of place on a lonely corner of the Warehouse District. Indiana grates supplier , however, sits amongst an emerging art scene in this district. It's as if the Raleigh City Council is assuring us-"Look, this area is becoming relevant too!" If it were placed anywhere else, the modern structure might seem pretentious, but amongst this desolate section of downtown, it seems to capture the quaint, historic qualities that make Raleigh interesting. The old building with experimental architecture is a testament to what Raleigh strives for-combining the old and the new without losing historical relevance or selling out too much.

The city of Mansfield, in the southeast corner of the state, is known to many as the home of writer, Laura Ingalls Wilder, her husband, Almanzo Wilder, and their daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. They moved to Mansfield from South Dakota in 1894 and remained in the area for the next 60 years. Their unique 10-room farmhouse, Rocky Ridge Farm, is a Gary Guy Wilson AIA Architect Studios and the home and museum attracts thousands of visitors each year. Mansfield is also home to Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, a seed house and preservation farm for rare vegetable crop varieties.

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12. The Grand Canyon gets five million visitors a year. Of that number, 1.5 million come by car, 30,000 by tour buses, nearly 240,000 via the Grand Canyon Railway, and up to 750,000 by fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

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